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    Great for a bit of sight-seeing, and absolutely free! We saw the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge amongst the skyscrapers and buildings of the city. The ferry runs every 15-30 minutes so is perfect for getting around.

    What a beautiful place! We walked/biked through here a number of times and were lucky to be there just as the leaves were beginning to change for fall. The park is well-kept and there are so many things to see. I particularly enjoyed the zoo.

    Nice place for a really fun work-group activity. The "Alien Attack" room was awesome. Also they have catering available.

    Fun attraction where you have to try and escape from a room through a series of clues and puzzles within a certain time. There are a few rooms to choose from including the Old Prison and the Haunted Hotel.

    Not a typical NYC attraction, we thought this would be a fun adventure, being trapped in a room and trying to work our way out in an hour. We played the "home" game - a Victorian mystery. Trapped in with four others, we didn't quite manage to escape but had a blast nonetheless.

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    Elegant and old school, we were delighted by the amount and freshness of the veggies and meat we had. It was difficult to decide what to have as the menu is impressive. The staff were very helpful and made great suggestions for wine and other courses.

    This is a cute little place, it's interesting to be in a place that was featured on Friends! Our meals were absolutely delicious and the staff were very friendly. Though the place is small, it is not overly crowded and feels cosy.

    We had heard many good things about this place, and were not disappointed by the beautiful setting and delicious food, especially looking out onto the gardens. Don't miss the dessert!

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    New York Pass

    If you want to visit as many attractions as possible, the best thing to do is buy a New York pass. It's a card that allows entry into over 80 attractions, even letting you skip long lines. You can visit as amny attractions as you want in the given time, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 days.

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