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    North Carolina

    22 Bed & breakfasts in North Carolina

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    Great wines and great wine tasting. We knew nothing about wine before we walked in there and left feeling like we had learned something about what we drink! Great Place!

    The workmanship in here is breathtaking. The stained glass is gorgeous, and the paintings are inspired. It is free and worth the visit.

    Breathtaking mansion with impressive inside decor. It is absolutely worth your time and money. The tour is very organized and you are able to linger in rooms as long as you want.

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    Great place to eat. A must if your passing. These omlettes are seriously tasty!

    Food is excellent. Service is extraordinary. They are flexible to swap out sides with a main dish and we got mix and match. Drinks were quite good. Way better than other restaurants in Asheville I went to.

    Great place for a meal. Fresh, lovely food and great staff. Fun to stroll around the play area and garden outside.

    Great, fresh food, exceptional cocktails, wonderful service, and upscale dining crowd. Impressed all around. You must get the lobster nachos. Everyone else will be!

    FARM Cafe operates to "Feed All Regardless of Means". They have cheerful friendly volunteer staff and the food is basic and nourishing, The best part of the cafe is the wall displays showing the organic farm where the produce is grown, and the philosophy behind the cafe.

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    Get up to Craggy Gardens

    Craggy Gardens is a beautiful place to visit. It's up in the mountains, and takes a little while to get there. It's off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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