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    Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

    This is a very beautiful art deco building. The rotunda tour is a free tour that takes you through some hidden places in the terminal that are spectacular. The original art deco decor is fabulous.

    Great sound in this hall with phenomenal history and some say it's haunted. It's home of Cincinnati symphony orchestra and they also have concerts with major international performers.

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    Outstanding food. Exceptional service. World class hospitality by the managers and owner. If you come for quality food you certainly will not be disappointed.

    This was a great experience. The wine list is terrific. The service top notch and the menu is the perfect size and price. I highly recommend.

    The food at the Precinct really is first class. The steaks are top quality and prepared to true perfection. Top notch service and a lovely atmosphere.

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    Check out the Roebling Suspension Bridge

    This was the longest bridge in the world when completed in the 1860's. It is the first steel wire suspension bridge ever built. You can walk across the bridge which is a cool experience.

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