6 Bed & breakfasts in Oregon

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    Statue of Paul Bunyan

    This is one of the well known and often photographed places in Portland. Paul Bunyan towers at 31 feet high and is listed on the historic registry. Built originally in 1959 this large lad is here to greet you at one end of the Kenton Neighborhood, originally a meatpacking town.

    10am - 2pm every Tuesday, June through September. This is one of the largest farmers markets in Portland. If you want a massive variety of all things fruit, vegetable, and organic, this is the place you go. There are other farmers markets, but I recommend checking this one out over some of the smaller ones (which can be a bit snooty to tourists).

    Difficult to get to but worth the trek, this garden has epic amounts of roses during the warmer months. Originally created to preserve heirloom roses from destruction during WWII, this garden is the oldest test garden in the United States. If you go during spring, wait until the end of May as many rose bushes are still "stumps" until it warms up. If you take public transit here plan ahead, the lines do not run consistently and it can be tricky! The address provided is the Rose Garden Store, it is at the entrance to the Rose Test Garden and has a small cart with snacks and beverages to purchase (healthy options available).

    The Japanese Gardens are tucked away next to the International Rose Test Garden, in Portland, OR. Beautifully manicured and authentic, this is my favorite zen place in Portland. Sit among the koi ponds, watch the waterfall, or admire the sand and stone garden's shadows. This place is gorgeous and serene.

    For any book lover, this place is heaven. A mecca to everything printed, on every subject imaginable. Want to know more about urban chicken farming? No problem, they had half an aisle to choose from on the subject. With wall-to-wall books on every floor, it's easy to get lost in the stacks. A fantastic place to look for great deals on used books, hard to find in print books, and anything in between. I scored on the urban chicken farming books.

    Places To Eat

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    Casual ethnic dining at it's finest. Come for the banh-mi (voted #1 by locals) and stay for the great deals on draft beers. I can attest the banh mi is fantastic (but watch the jalapeno sauce for those sensitive to spicy foods!). You might even find Stiegl Radler offered in a can, a rare find at any bar. The bar tenders are friendly and happy to show off their signature drinks and make menu suggestions. A great place to watch the many bicycle parades that occur on Division Street during the summer months. The casual outdoor seating is inviting, but I choose indoor seating every time. With affordable menu options to suit any budget, take in a quick bite and a cool drought to beat the heat. Fun, hip, and definitely a local favorite, with some vegan, vegetarian, and even gluten-free options, there is something for everyone.

    Located in a historic building in Downtown Portland close to China-Town, expect a rustic feel with wood floors, brickwork, and large open windows looking onto NW Davis Street. Their menu is full of temptations, not especially vegan friendly but a great place to try some lamb or fresh seafood. When I visited it was during the afternoon and the energy had something to be desired as the place was almost empty, be sure if you like it "buzzing" to go on a Friday night to experience the sophisticated bucolic vibe this place is known for.

    American (new) cuisine set in a historic hotel now renovated restaurant, that touts a steam-punk flair, a gorgeous antique-style wooden bar, a spiral staircase, and gourmet temptations to tickle the palate. It is a treat just to sit and dine here, with small plates and shares, it is easy to taste a little of everything. Known for their epic grilled cheese sandwich re-envisioned, it is a must try on their menu. Their seasonal cocktails, beer flights, and good selection of wines to choose from make this a great place to sip an adult beverage while feeling sophisticated by proxy.

    Tucked between a tattoo parlor and a bottle shop this petit little trattoria is in my mind, "the place" to go for food sensitivities or creative vegan fare. The most unusual and delightful dishes are served here, everything from pickled watermelon rind to gluten-free pizza with potatoes and cashew cheese. When I want to splurge on vegan pizza, I head for Portobello.

    Fresh, healthy, MSG-free Thai Food. A beautiful and serene little thai food restaurant. Enjoy this tasty little gem in the Hollywood District and don't hesitate to order pad thai (it was amazing). Great service, casual dining with elegance, and reasonably priced menu items make this a great find. A lovely place worth going to for a serene meal and tasty fare.

    Traveller Tips

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    Use Zipcar!

    Instead of renting a car to drive around, use Zipcar instead. As a former Californian, I loved my car. For those that don't want to part with the freedom of driving your own vehicle, Zipcar is the affordable convenient way to go. I use it to run errands, and taking the critters to the vet. I love this option!

    Use the Tri-Met Max-Line

    Downtown Portland is full of one-way streets, bicyclists, and bridges to name a few driving hazards. Skip the traffic and the confusion and take the TriMet Max Line into Portland. The light-rail system out here is safe, convenient, and easy to use. A wide array of eateries, shops, and attractions are accessible on the red, yellow, green, and blue TriMet Max Lines

    Bring Your Rain Coat

    Ditch the umbrella, in Portland the rain comes at you on all sides. A thunderstorm can catch even the wary traveler during the summer months, so bring a light water-proof jacket, or raincoat. Umbrellas seem to only keep you dry briefly out here, and in my opinion prove a bit unwieldy.

    Facts about Oregon

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    Welcome to Stumptown!

    Portland is also known as "Stumptown" and acquired this nickname due to its origins in the logging industry. You will find references to this throughout the city. Many local establishments use it in their name, i.e. Stumptown Coffee.

    One of America's Most Bike Friendly Cities

    Portland, Oregon is perhaps, the most bike friendly city in America. The Portland Bureau of Transportation has recorded that 6% of commuters ride their bike to work in Portland, the highest of any major US city (about 10 times the national average). It has been given platinum status by the League of American Bicyclists, and ranks high among the most bicycle friendly cities in the world.