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    22 Bed & breakfasts in Pennsylvania

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    Rough & Tumble Historical Association

    A wonderful place with a large collection of old machinery, much of it still working. Loads of hands-on stuff for the kids, a flea market to fossick in. A perfect relaxed place to recapture a bit of history.

    A very fascinating history of the Amish and Mennonites. We took the personal guided tour for two hours around the settlement. It was very worthwhile, enlightening, and well worth the fee we paid.

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    Hucckleberry's Restaurant

    I usually find restaurants attached to a hotel a bit safe and boring, but Huckleberry's is different. The atmosphere is great and the meals are very good, and also good value for money.

    Fenz is in a lovely old building which adds to the great atmosphere. Fenz is very stylish, where the smart set are obviously comfortable. Great food and service. The Happy Hour is pretty full-on.

    The atmosphere in the beautiful old seminary dining room is wonderful. The food is fantastic, and enhanced by the surroundings. Timber, open fireplaces chandeliers. Everyone says it is like a Harry Potter scene and it is true.

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    Hickory Town

    Lancaster was originally called Hickory Town.