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    Rhode Island

    6 Bed & breakfasts in Rhode Island

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    Great artworks here and if you love having a wonder around some beautiful art you must come here!

    You can't go wrong with the kids and water parks! This is whole load of fun and not just for the kids!!!

    Lovely little beach, very peaceful and not too crowded. We could even go as far as say this is paradise!

    This is a lovely place to go shopping. Always a buzzy atmosphere and lovely bars and places to eat here too!

    Such a special place and the most incredible view of Newport from here. Grab a drink from the bar and just relax - it is just heavenly.

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    Loved it! Craft beer and hand made pretzells - match made in heaven and a real treat if your on holiday here!

    Great pizzas and a very friendly atmosphere. Brilliant for families and small groups! Cold beer too and a big selection of it!

    SO many flavours to try! This place is delicious and you can't have a summer holiday and no ice-cream!! Go here!

    Absolute perfection! Free valet parking and the most stunning local menu which is well explained by the host / hostess. Great views as well out to the lighthouse. Great place to go for a drink and watch the sunset!

    Very funky well decorated cafe with bikes everywhere! Good food and very friendly service! Highly recommend!

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    If you love walking along the beach this is a great place to come - long, white sandy beaches right on your door step!

    Beautiful Houses

    Newport has the highest amount of surviving colonial house in the US and they are very pretty!

    Busy in the Summer Months

    In the summer months Narragansett doubles in population to 34K!