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    Smugglers Notch State Park

    A large state park that is great for camping. Great history here - an act was passed forbidding American trade with Great Britain and Canada. This was tough on people in this area so they traded illegally through a path through what's known as 'the notch' to canada! Worth a walk to!

    Great Cross Country skiing organised here! Highly recommend!

    Gold Brook Covered Bridge (Emily's Covered Bridge)

    A great place to stop and great history around this bridge. There's a ghost story here and a love story it's worth stopping to find out about them as well as getting your picture taken by this gorgeous piece of American History.

    A beautiful drive and a bit off the beaten track which we liked. These falls are lovely and worth going to visit!

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    Great breakfast and great coffee, brilliant way to start the day! Go!

    As the name suggests, Harvest Market is mainly a market/deli selling a mouth-watering array of speciality, local or artisan goods - including wines. But they are also a cafe with equally excellent salads, sandwiches, baked goods etc. Be prepared though, that while there is plenty of outdoor seating, space is a bit limited for dining in during the colder months.

    Brilliant Chinese and Japanese Restaurant and steak house - go it's really worth it and great value for money!

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    Festivals and Attractions in Stowe

    Stowe is host to arts and crafts shows, a balloon festival, and many other special events. Check the website for details.

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