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    Some great swimming holes in Mad River Glen. I've attached the web address to have a look at them - great summer fun!

    This is a beautiful old bran that has been restored. Mainly used for theatre and also host to wedding parties. Brilliant plays happen here and we had a lovely visit. Highly recommend!

    An "old school" skiing experience! There are a number of trails for beginner through to expert (though I only saw the beginner ones!). Together with the country's last single chairlift, it truly is an experience with sights not to be missed.

    Visiting a local market is always a treat! This one will not disappoint!

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    Sweet Pea Natural Market

    This is a spectacular place, delicious and guilt free! Everything is fresh and organic, made with local produce. Stop by for smoothies like we did, or try the juice or sandwiches.

    I'm not a vegetarian but we went along to try is restaurant as we had read some great reviews on the place. It was BRILLIANT and opened our minds to cooking more veges! A must!

    Lovely rustic dining, beautiful atmosphere and delicious flatbread - organically grown and made with love. It's baked in a wood-fired oven and you can watch them being cooked if you can get a seat near by.

    Localfolk Smokehouse serves House Smoked Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Beef Brisket and Turkey. It was delicious and there were 24 different ales to choose from!

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    Beautiful Town

    Waitsfield is a seriously lovely town in the Mad Valley area. It's main source of income is from the surrounding ski resorts. It is such a pretty town that the long-running Christmas-themed commercial for Miller High Life beer was filmed in Waitsfield in 1976!

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