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    A lovely little museum that gives great information on Woodstock and Vermont in general. If you got a few hours to kill you must visit here!

    Though a short hike to the top (about an hour), it was a good challenge, especially some narrow areas that made my heart leap a bit! The view from the top is stunning. The weather was fantastic but I wish it could have been autumn so we could see all the beautiful colours change on the trees.

    Don't let the name scare you, it was just a joke made by one of the original owners saying that to attempt one of the runs (hill 6) would be suicide. Despite this, the area is beautiful and there are a number of runs available for any amount of experience - in my case, none! After a few lessons, I got the hang of it and had a fantastic time.

    We spent a couple of hours here ice skating. Since my skating skills are like my skiing skills, I came away with a few bumps and bruises! However, we all had a great time and would highly recommend to anyone of any age.

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    You can't get much better than delicious home-made ice cream on a warm, sunny day. Chocolate Oreo and brownie a la mode go town an absolute treat. For those with not so much of a sweet tooth, there is pistachio, banana, coffee and more.

    I was drawn here because the place is beautiful, and wasn't disappointed by the delicious paninni and coffee. Went back the next morning for a muffin and croissant - yum!

    Italian pizza and pasta... mmmm.... It took a while to decide as it all looked so good! Eventually settling on the singleton's BLT, it was a great choice - highly recommend. The restaurant smells great because the kitchen is open and in the middle of the area, so it's interesting to watch while you wait.

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    Pretty town to stroll around

    Just strolling around Woodstock will give your spirits a lift. It is a very pretty town. The shops are attractive, there is a large variety, cafes are great.

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