5 Bed & breakfasts in Charlottesville

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    Michie Tavern is a genuine 1700's tavern. Great to stop and look around. They serve a buffet meal but it is pretty unmemorable. If you are fussy about your food, maybe just look around.

    The Rivanna Trail runs alongside the Rivanna River. It is flat, and an easy and pleasant walk or ride, and is great when you need time out.

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    Tucked down an alley marked only by a light, and also serving only "light" dishes, the Alley Light is a great place for drinks and nibbles. The dishes are sometimes unusual, always delicious. Great atmosphere.

    Good dessert restaurant. It is very popular and they have a wide selection of gelato flavors.

    Threepenny Cafe is great. The service is excellent with close attention to detail and to customers' needs. The menu is excellent. can't be faulted.

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    Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello has 500,000 visitors a year.