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    17 Bed & breakfasts in Washington

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    The Sky View is much better than the Space Needle. It is much taller and you get a great view of the city, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker.

    The glass-work is quite amazing and is displayed in many different ways. The gardens are especially awesome, with beautiful pieces of art scattered about.

    Located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, this park is home to the Farmer's Market on Saturdays and Sundays, and also features a fountain at Propstra Square that can be waded in and is made to look like rocks & rapids. During the summer months there are constant free attractions in the park, including live music and concerts, Movie Night in the park, Pub in the Park, and even a Hawaiian Festival. It's a very nice spot to sit and take in all that Downtown Vancouver has to offer.

    One of the most beautiful libraries I have ever been in. With outdoor views from over 90% of the interior space, the use of natural lighting and windows makes this library exceptional. Check out the top floor which has an outdoor terrace for reading and taking in the view. Also boasting sustainability practices, including cork flooring, a rain screen/wall for water management, and motion-activated lighting. With a coffee shop onsite, a book nook, and over 3 whole floors of books to peruse.

    This is one of the nicest things to do in Downtown Vancouver. If you get a chance go on a Saturday (or Sunday). I prefer the Saturday market atmosphere to the vibe on Sundays, you get fewer transients wandering about. There is usually live music playing, lots of fresh flowers and produce, even some local artists bring out their wares. Catch a snack at one of the many vendors, I go back for the tamales (since they are gluten-free) but the kettle-corn is worth mentioning too. A great place to walk the dog, take the kids, or just mosey about. You will find jams, cheese, breads, and meats at this farmers market as well as produce.

    Places To Eat

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    Beecher's Handmade Cheese

    Great wee cheese shop that also sells very good food. I was told I had to try their famous mac n cheese and I'm pleased I did, truly amazing.

    Located in a nondescript building down an alley. When you open the door you would never expect to see an adorably cozy space inside. The food is very good and the waitstaff are attentive and professional. It is overall a great experience.

    The food is perfect, the portions ample, the wait staff attentive and the atmosphere relaxed.

    A bar for the nerdy at heart! If you have grown tired of sitting at a pub watching whatever sport is playing on every screen, listening to pop music on repeat, surrounded by sports memorabilia, this place is for you and every other Sports Bar weary patron. This small but thriving establishment is next to Tommy O's. Expect to see movies like Shrek playing on the flat screens, music from Foster the People playing, and a nice nerdy vibe. The staff here aim to please, are friendly, and want to ensure you are happy with both your meal and drink order. Order at the bar (they don't have waiters) and try the Jo Jo's (corn meal crusted potato wedges).

    I find it a challenge to eat out with my many food sensitivities. When I came across the Jerusalem Restaurant in Downtown Vancouver I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and thrilled with their fresh, authentic, and tasty cuisine. Family owned, Papa is in the back every time cooking up meals and running the place. The best falafel around, and certainly the most authentic! Enjoy this cute little place with it's interior made to look like a rustic Israeli cafe inside and music to match. Prices are moderate, $7-14 per order and some are big enough to share.

    Traveller Tips

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    Upgrade Rental Car to 4WD

    We found ourselves out in the boonies in Duvall, WA. We got to our location no problem, going down the gravel road was easy, but our little economy 4-banger wasn't going to make it up. We had to take a running start and made it up the hill after two attempts, but stopped all traffic behind us. This area is full of windy, steep, and dark roads, that are treacherous at night in the rain. Watch out for hair pin turns!

    Facts about Washington

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    Clark County is Conservative

    Once you cross the bridge from Portland into Vancouver, WA, expect the conservative vibe to go up about 5 notches. Having lived in Orange County, CA (also fairly conservative) I can say that Clark County has a similar feel, but with greater income disparity.