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    4 Bed & breakfasts in Cody

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    Museum of the Plains Indian

    This museum is part of the Bill Cody Centre. For me it is the pick of the museums. Very detailed displays of Indian live and the changes they have endured. Excellent in evrey way.

    You will drive through the national forest traveling from Cody to Yellowstone. Take time to explore the area, and maybe stay at a dude rench en route. The area is absolutely beautiful

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    The hotel was built by Buffalo Bill for his daughter Irma, so you have to go here just for the historical connection. The prime rib buffet is great value and really good.

    Bubba's is an excellent barbecue restaurant. Not where you would go for fine dining of course, but the meals are generous and the staff are friendly.

    What a great evening! Dinner is a buffet, all you can eat. The entertainment is great. It isn't long enough, about an hour or so but is really good value. The musicians and the meal were excellent.

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    Buffalo Bill

    Buffalo Bill started working at age 11 when his father died, and he became a rider for the Pony Express when he was 14.